Complete range of compact multipurpose drill rigs, for geotechnical drilling, mineral exploration, geothermal and small water well drilling.
Historical big size range of drilling equipment, mainly designed for water well drilling, mineral exploration, seismic research and geothermal purposes.
Specific drill rigs range for special foundations, civil engineering, anchoring and micropiling. Pull up force, from 4 to 8 metric tons.

About Fraste

Fraste has been manufacturing HYDRAULIC ROTARY DRILLING RIGS since 1964. Whilst the Drilling Industry was traditionally using mechanical transmissions, FRASTE was helping pioneer the world of modern drilling by using hydraulic systems on their rigs.

With more than 40 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing drilling rigs, our rigs are renowned for their safety and reliability. With over 42 Distributors world-wide, Fraste products once available only as an import, now has a distributor in Australia.